3 Whiskeys from around the World

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3 Whiskeys from around the World

One of the most popular spirits worldwide is whiskey. However, the taste and texture of whiskey remain different according to the regions they’re distilled in. While Ireland, Australia, and America are popular regions to produce whiskey, here are three whiskeys from other parts of the world that everyone should try.

Scotch Whiskey

One of the most popular whiskeys in America today is Scotch. As the name suggests, this was initially distilled in Scotland, and was introduced to the rest of the world by England. What sets Scotch whiskey apart from others is the melted grains of barley it’s distilled with.


This whiskey ages perfectly in oak casks. The minimum aging time for Scotch is three years. The increased popularity of Scotch Whiskey has further led to five sub-categories forming under it. You can now find blended scotch whiskey, blended grain whiskey, single malt whiskey, blended malt whiskey, and single grain whiskey in liquor stores. If you’re a fan of earthy hints with smoky flavors, this is just what you should try.

European Whiskey

This whiskey became popular when it started being distilled in Europe. The primary ingredients distilled to make this whiskey include a wide range of malted grains and fermented grain mash. Most companies use wheat, corn, rye, and barley to make European whiskey.


The aging time for this whiskey is three years, in which the drink is stored in a wooden cask.

Irish Whiskey

If you’re a fan of liquor with silky and velvety textures, you should try the Irish whiskey. This is the second-most popular whiskey worldwide, distilled in Northern Ireland. Like the Scotch Whiskey, it also became popular after being discovered by the Englishmen.


This whisky is made with malted cereal mash and grain mash and is stored for a minimum of three years.

 a whiskey bottle

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