4 Classic Reasons to Own a Cocktail Mixer

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4 Classic Reasons to Own a Cocktail Mixer

Cocktail mixers, also known as premade mixers or drink mixers, are a prized possession for many cocktail lovers. From the all-time classic mixes, such as Margaritas, to the feisty versions, such as Bloody Mary, there's a wide variety for them all.


However, the main question arises whether you should make your mix at home or purchase the premade version.


Well, we have four reasons why a cocktail mixer is a MUST have:

A Quick Fix

Let's be honest; there's nothing as quick as pouring your drink and mixer, stirring it together, and enjoying the drink. After a long exhausting day at work or a fight with your spouse, no one has the energy to find the ingredients and pull out the blender to get the party started.


Plus, no one's asking you to get terrible brand mixers. Some mixers from brands like Smirnoff and Master of Mixes are as good as those you enjoy at the bar.



Okay, now let's be honest, there's nothing cheaper than buying a premade cocktail mixer. A one-liter bottle will make you at least 22 drinks bare minimum, with the cost per bottle being $5.99 for the best cocktail mixer out there.


The mixer per drink will cost you $0.30 – MIND BLOWN. Realistically speaking, can you ever arrange all the ingredients for a single cocktail serving for $0.30 or less? Yeah, we thought so, too.



Cocktail mixers are premade to perfection to ensure you get a perfect drink every time. When making your own mix, it can take ages to perfect it. Until then, it's a series of drinks that are either too sweet, too sour, or too bitter. And not to forget, that's a wastage of your fine and expensive alcohol collection too.


A mixer will make your life easy and quick. Plus, once you're bored of the same combination, you can start mixing different flavors together to create your own set of flavors.


NOTE: It might take some time until you find the right combination. Until then, surprise yourself with interesting combinations.


Great for Large Gatherings

Are you a party animal? Do you love having people over all the time? Then cocktail mixers are essential for you.


Would you rather sit with your friends and enjoy or stick to the blender to make a  consecutive round of drinks when you're hosting a party? With a cocktail mixer, there's nothing for you to worry about. Just place the mixers with the drinks, and everyone can make their own and enjoy.



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