4 Tips for Finding Your Signature Beer

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4 Tips for Finding Your Signature Beer

Beer is a type of alcoholic drink with varying alcohol content. The process of making beer is called brewing. During this procedure, water, barley, and hops are mixed with yeast, which turns the entire mixture into beer. When yeast is added to the barley grains, it undergoes fermentation which converts mashed grains into alcohol.


For commercial liquors like wine, or whiskey, the production procedure involves fermentation and distillation. However, during brewing, there is only fermentation, so all alcoholic beverages that are produced using the process of fermentation are called beers.


In this blog, we are going to discuss how beer is made and share some tips to find your signature beer.


How Is Beer Produced?

The process of making beer is called brewing. There are three major ingredients required in the making of beer, namely, water, malted barley, and enzymes. The process begins by adding warm water to the freshly mashed barely, followed by adding enzymes into the mixture. The enzymes in the mixture convert barley grains into sugars. Now, this freshly produced mixture is called mash. The water is then drained out of mash that gives us liquid called wort. The wort is boiled and hops are added to it. Hops work as flavoring agents and help to preserve the beer. Once the wort cools down, yeast is added to it. As a result, the yeast converts sugars into alcohol and wort into beer.


Tips To Find Your Signature Beer


Be a Beer Sampler

Sample as many beers as you can to find the one that suits you. There is a wide variety of beers available in the market, with different alcohol content, base ingredients, and taste. You need to make sure to find a beer that ensures your beer comfort level.


Talk to Your Bartender

If you have an idea about the kind of beer you would like in terms of alcohol content, then let your bartender know. They have vast experience with all sorts of drinkers, including first-timers and regular consumers, so they will know which type of beer will suit you.


Always Check the ABV of Beers

You must check alcohol by volume of beers before you order them. Everyone has different levels of alcohol tolerance. What may suit your mates', may not suit you. This is why it’s important to keep in mind the ABV measure while ordering a beer.


Choose a Drinking Buddy

Although there is nothing wrong with solo exploring, having a drinking buddy improves the experience. For practicality’s sake, having a drinking buddy will help you enjoy what you taste. Besides, you will also be able to purchase more beers and try new ones. You can split the bill too.


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