An Essential Guide to Merlot Wine Taste, Food Pairing, and Regions

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An Essential Guide to Merlot Wine Taste, Food Pairing, and Regions

Although Merlot wine makes a small portion of the various wines sold worldwide, it’s amongst the finest wines in the world. It has gained popularity ever since the 1980s, and today, more consumers flock to this grape-based drink. Merlot wine is a first-class alcoholic beverage that also tastes great with food. Continue reading to learn more about Merlot wine.

Merlot Wine Taste and Region

Soft finish, easy tannins, and red fruits are some of Merlot wine’s characteristics. However, there’s more to Merlot than its smoothness. The wine is popular for its rich flavors with vanilla, black pepper, chocolate, and tobacco notes. Merlot’s taste varies depending on where it was produced. For example, Merlot produced in cool climates has a more structured taste, with a higher content of tannins and earthy flavors like tar and tobacco. These regions include Chile, Italy, and France. Some cool climate Merlots are even mistaken as Cabernet Sauvignon. Right Bank Bordeaux is a great example of cool-climate Merlot.

On the contrary, Merlot produced in hot climate regions, such as Argentina, Australia, and California, is fruitier with less prevalent tannins. Some Merlot producers treat Merlot with judicious oak for 24 months to refine its structure. California Merlot is a good example of hot climate Merlot wine.  

Merlot Food Pairings

 A bottle of Merlot with a pizza slice on a wooden table.

IMerlot wine with low acidic levels and medium tannins tastes good with various foods. You can enjoy Merlot with chicken or slightly-spiced red meats. On the other hand, Merlot produced in cool climate regions pairs well with tomatoes and roasted vegetables.

Lean beef cuts, turkey, and roast duck are other proteins to pair your drink with! Try Beef Bourguignon sauce if you wish to enjoy your meals with a saucy hit! You may also enhance your drink for more earthy flavors by pairing it with truffles or mushrooms. Generally, Merlot pairs well with richer foods if it has higher alcohol content and oak-aging compounds.

How to Taste and Serve Merlot Wine

Pour a small portion of Merlot wine into your glass. Swirl the wine a few seconds to release its flavors and aromas. Take a sip and savor its flavors in your mouth before swallowing it.

You should also add cold water or ice cubes to your Merlot drink. Doing so would enrich its flavors, allowing you to enjoy the drink at its best! However, a single ice cube would suffice if you like sweeter wines. If you prefer dryer wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, we suggest adding a little cold water. Once you’ve added water or ice, stir the drink and enjoy!

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