Common Misconceptions about Wine

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Common Misconceptions about Wine

Enjoying wine is a comprehensive learning experience for many people. It becomes even more challenging when they fail to understand all the facts and myths associated with wine. If you’re in the same boat, here are three common wine misconceptions you should know about.

All Wines Get Better with Age

One of the most popular myths about wine is that it gets better with age. In fact, the primary reason why many historical wines worldwide are sold and purchased at astronomical prices is that they’re aged for decades, if not centuries.


It’s somewhat true that the more a wine ages, the better it tastes. However, it’s not true for all kinds of wines. Wines with higher alcohol levels and intensities tend to get better with age. However, age isn’t a factor to look at when considering other kinds of wines.

Boxed Wines are Low-Quality

Many people assume that packaging has a prominent role to play when it comes to wine quality. However, it’s safe to say that whether a wine is stored in a glass bottle or a box, its quality remains the same.


One thing to keep in mind is that although boxes rarely influence the wine’s quality, they’re an inconvenient storage method because the boxes could affect the wine’s overall shelf life.

You Shouldn’t Refrigerate Red Wines

Last, a common misconception about red wine is that it’s best at warm temperatures and shouldn’t be chilled. It’s one of the reasons why most people refrigerate white wines and avoid storing red wines in the fridge.


This fact is only true for full-bodied red wines. If you’re a fan of light-bodied and medium-bodied red wines, you can always keep them in your fridge.


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Now that you know what’s true and what’s not about wine, you may be eager to try out some of your favorite wines. Whether you’re looking for red wines, white wines, or any other liquor, you can now rely on us at Belvedere Liquor to get the best-quality drinks right at your home by ordering liquor online.


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