Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sangria Wine

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sangria Wine

Sangria is a classic summer alcoholic beverage infused with refreshing fruit chunks of peaches, pears, melons, berries, apples, or other seasonal fruit. It’s the oldest version of red wine, with several new variations making it into the market. Several updates have been made to this wine punch, using different wine bases besides its original red wine base. Continue reading to learn about the things you’ve never known about Sangria.

Why Is It Called Sangria?

Sangria is derived from the Spanish word “Sangre,” which means blood. The term refers to the wine’s ruby hue when red wine is used as its base. Others believe Sangria is derived from a Sanskrit word, “sakkari,” which means sugared wine.

Who Invented Sangria?    

Like most drinks and fruits, Sangria’s origin remains unknown. Nevertheless, many people believe the drink originated in Spain as they have been a wine-producing region since 200 BC. In 1964, the beverage was introduced to a larger population at the World’s Fair in New York City. The drink has gained increasing popularity ever since and is served with various international cuisines worldwide.

What Does Sangria Taste Like?

The reason why Sangria is everyone’s favorite is because of its fruity taste. The fruit chunks floating in wine make the drink visually appealing. Its refreshing and sweet flavor is tempered with fruits and wine. It’s a versatile drink that you can enjoy with various foods.

Foods to Pair with Sangria  

Almost everything tastes good with Sangria. The sweet-tart nature of the punch contrasts well with fried foods such as arancini and calamari. The fruity flavors also make the drink perfect to be consumed with seafood dishes, whether it’s pan-roasted halibut or oysters on a half shell. The refreshing and light flavors of Sangria can be enjoyed with spicy foods like short rib cavatelli, roasted vegetables, ricotta, and piquillo peppers.

Sangria Varieties

A close-up shot of Sangria in two glasses.

Traditional red wines such as Tempranillo and Rioja were initially used to prepare Sangria. However, today, just about any red wine makes a good Sangria. Simple fruit-driven aromas and flavors are recommended for Sangria wine to avoid mixing weird fruit and wine combinations.

White wine Sangria is another popular variety that uses a white wine base instead of the usual red. Instead of using an already fruity white wine, you can choose chardonnay with citrus fruits.

Rose Sangria is another great variety of Sangria. It has a pink hue and can be enjoyed with mixed peaches, cranberries, and raspberries.

The variety of Sangria is many, with various fruit combinations and wine bases. Nonetheless, all varieties ensure a good drink!

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