Got Bad Wine? Here’s How to Fix It!

Got Bad Wine? Here’s How to Fix It!

We understand how frustrating it can be when you come home from work, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine, and realize it has gone bad! What was meant to provide pleasure only ends up making you more upset! Fortunately, there are various methods you can try to make that wine drinkable! Continue reading to learn how to fix bad wine!

1. Chill It Out

Bad wine of all varieties and colors should be served cold. Cool the wine just above its freezing temperature if it has a noticeable alcohol burn on the tongue. Avoid putting ice cubes in the drink. The added water only means you’ll have to drink more of your gross wine. Try whiskey stones if you want your drink ice-cold. Fine Scotch lovers cherish these stones as it keeps their drinks cold without watering them down.

2. Drop a Penny into the Drink

Although this trick won’t work on any old wine, dropping a coin into a wine bottle that smells like rotten eggs or struck matches is a great fix to make bad wine drinkable. Certain sulfur-like compounds in the wine can cause it to smell, and a copper coin can dissipate those smells. Simply clean a coin, drop it into your drink, stir, take it out, and drink! The difference in taste would leave you amazed!

 A red wine glass on a window railing.

3. Squeeze a Lemon

One way to make bad wine drinkable is by balancing its acidity. Brighten a flabby drink by squeezing a lemon into it. Rest the drink for a few seconds to ensure the lemon is well-mixed into the wine. Wipe the glass rim so that there’s no residue left. The lemon’s aroma will integrate into the drink, allowing you to enjoy a well-balanced product.

4. Let It Breathe

There’s a high chance your wine has been stored in the bottle for months or even years before you finally open it. This period might cause your wine to develop an unpleasant smell. Therefore, one quick way to fix your gross wine is by allowing it to breathe. Pour the drink into a more wide-mouthed vessel to allow oxygen to mix into it. Let it sit for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised by the result!

5. Bake It into a Cake  

You can also make your gross wine eatable instead of only focusing on drinking it. Although you shouldn’t be cooking with a wine you wouldn’t drink, baking can be an exception. The bad wine will add a surprisingly mild booze taste to your delicious dessert with chipped cream, chocolate, and sugar involved.

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