How to Pick a Real Beer

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How to Pick a Real Beer

Are you one of those people who have sampled various beers but still find them a little icky? Chances are that you’ve still not tasted real beer. While beers come in an exquisite variety that’s refreshing and fun at the same time, some of the largest and well-known beer companies in America fail to capture its delicious flavor, which goes way beyond just the froth and bitter taste. Real beer carries a complex bouquet of deep-rooted flavors hidden in the tall glass of pungent froth.

Before learning how to spot a decent beer, you should know that drinking beer isn’t only about pouring it and gulping it down. To make your beer tasting experience more exciting, always sip a little bitter of water and swirl it around to cleanse the palette. Experiencing the intricate details can help you enjoy the various notes of the popular drink; who knows, you might end up rediscovering new details about your favorite beer. Now let’s head back to the real question, how to spot a decent beer? Here’s all you need to know.

Decent beer smells, looks, and tastes completely different from the ones you’re likely to find in the repertoire of frat boys. It’s probably going to cost you more, but the extra few dollars would be well-worth for the matchless quality. The only tough part will be realizing that you’ve been wasting your money on the unworthy beers all this while.

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When trying to find a quality beer, use these basic principles to identify real beer to enhance the experience.

#1 Ingredients

Understanding what the beer is made of is crucial because beer typically comes in two basic kinds. Ales that have a more robust, darker, fruitier, and stronger taste. And lagers that have a relatively lighter taste and color. Although all beers have fundamental ingredients such as yeast, hops, water, and barley, some beers have unique ingredients such as fruits or spices added to them to enhance certain notes or characteristics.

#2 Appearance

Beers can be brown, red, black, or amber. Swish the beer a little to check its clarity and color. If the head leaves a trail on the glass’s edge, it means that it’s a premium-quality beer.

#3 Aroma

Just like wine, you can pick out the floral, malty, hoppy, and fruity bouquet of smells in the beer. The aroma plays a crucial role in helping you enjoy it fully.

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#4 Mouthfeel

Check whether the beer has a full or light body when it’s in your mouth. Take some time; taste it gradually. You wouldn’t gobble down a gourmet dinner, right? So, don’t chug down a high-quality beer to fully enjoy the experience.

#5 Taste

While you’ll have to learn to be a true beer connoisseur to fully appreciate its aroma and color, even novices can tell if they enjoy the taste. Real beer is complex, with a wide range of intense flavors in each sip.

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