The Best Cocktails to Try in 2022

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The Best Cocktails to Try in 2022

Cocktails are mixed alcoholic beverages. Cocktails are typically a combination of two or more spirits or sprits mixed with edible ingredients. These ingredients can range from fruits and vegetables to juices and creams. Cocktails are served as starters in bars and clubs. These are known for their appealing looks and irresistible taste. Besides, the cocktail category is filled with diversity and versatility. You can choose any type of spirits, ingredients, and syrups to prepare the best-tasting cocktails.  


After two years of fluctuating bar time, people are coming back to bars and clubs, so it's important to offer them something new in the cocktail category. Cocktail brands are already on their way to level up the cocktail category with RTD cocktails, and people cannot seem to have enough.


In this blog, we are going to list down the best cocktails to drink in 2022.


Oaxacan Dead

If you’re feeling down and looking for a drink that doesn’t get you drunk but also gives you a major energy boost, then Oaxacan dead is your answer. It’s a well-balanced cocktail, consisting of mezcal mixed with lime juice and apricot liquor. It is garnished with mint and orange on top to add citrus and earthy flavor. You can also add falernum for a spicy taste.


Dragon Fruit Mojito

The dragon fruit mojito is an ideal choice to cool down on a hot summer’s day. It’s refreshing sweet and lighter in taste. The use of colorful ingredients makes it appear more refreshing and savory. Dragon fruit mojito is prepared using rum as the base spirit, combined with lime juice and any syrup of your choice. Then, you add a handful of freshly diced dragon fruit along with strawberry chunks and some mint leaves. Combine all these ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve with a splash of lime soda on the top.


Happy Hour Holiday Sour

Happy hour holiday sour is a sweet and refreshing cocktail. It is prepared with candy cane-infused vodka, as the base spirit. Then, Aperol is added for creating a slightly bitter taste and balance out the sweetness. Dry shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice again and shake some more.

Gingerbread White Russian

Gingerbread White Russian is an ideal cocktail for you if you love the taste of creamy goodness in your drink. It is prepared with vodka, mixed with heavy cream and Kahlua. Add homemade gingerbread syrup for its signature taste. Rim the cocktail glass with cinnamon sugar and add ice cubes to it. Then dry shake all the ingredients and pour them into the glass.


 A bartender mixing spirits


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