The Complete Guide on Moonshine Alcohol

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The Complete Guide on Moonshine Alcohol

Moonshine is a type of hard liquor consumed worldwide. It’s called moonshine because it used to be prepared at night to avoid taxation imposed by the government. Due to its widespread popularity, people had started preparing moonshine alcohol secretly to escape from taxation. However, now liquor companies with distilled permits can make moonshine and sell it.


This blog is going to be a thorough guide on moonshine alcohol including its history, procedure and characteristics.


History of Moonshine Alcohol


Moonshine is defined as homemade, unaged whiskey. It is known for its clear color. It is made of fermented corn grains. Moonshine is considered hard liquor due to its high alcohol content, which peaks up to 190 proofs (95%). Historically, moonshine used to be made locally in houses and bottled in mason jars. Moonshine came to the U.S when Scottish and Irish immigrants migrated here in the 18th century.


As the popularity of the liquor grew, so did the government’s interest in putting a tax on the production of moonshine. No one was allowed to make moonshine at homes without seeking a permit and paying tax. Whisky drinkers then started preparing and buying moonshine at night, and that’s how it got its unique name.


What Is A Classic Moonshine Made Of?

Moonshine alcohol is prepared from mashed corn grains, water, yeast, and malted barley. Alcohol used in moonshine is distilled from corn grains. Although moonshine is a type of whiskey but is different from it in many ways. To begin with, whiskeys are produced in proper liquor facilities, whereas moonshine used to be prepared in the woods secretly.


However, now companies can make moonshine legally since they can seek a permit from the government. Apart from that, whiskey is stored in oak barrels for aging, whereas moonshine is prepared in a way that it develops its distinct taste on its own, without needing oak barrels.


How Moonshine Is Different From Commercial Liquors

Unlike commercial alcohols that have a low to moderate alcohol content, moonshines are highly concentrated. Due to this reason, moonshines have a strong kick to them. Besides, moonshine lacks the traditional color that most liquors have, so it appears clear.


How Hard Is It to Make Moonshine

Although moonshine is regarded as America’s most popular liquor it’s equally hard to prepare. Most whiskey makers store whiskey in oak barrels to correct the whiskey flavor notes and taste. The oak characteristics are a signature mark of all whiskeys. However, moonshine is unaged whiskey. This implies that you have to make moonshine that stands on its own and that’s exceptionally challenging. In addition, it’s still illegal to make homemade moonshine, but companies can legalize it by obtaining a distillation permit.


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