Understanding the Basics of Wine and Food Pairing

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Understanding the Basics of Wine and Food Pairing

The right food and wine pairing create an ideal balance between the ingredients of food and the characteristics of a wine. People often find it difficult to pick a wine that will complement the food dishes because it’s a complex task and you need to grasp the basics.


In this blog, you’re going to learn the basics of food and wine pairing so that you can create your pairings.


Match Food Style with Wine Style

By this we mean, pairing lighter food with lighter wine and heavy food dishes with heavy and alcohol-rich wines. Lightweight food, that is lower in fat, often complements delicate wines. For instance, if the main course is poultry or fish, pair it with white or red wine. However, if you have cooked heavier food dishes, rich in fat, then go for a heavy-weight wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Match Flavors 

Food and wine pairings that match in taste are always a win-win. The similar tastes complement each other. For instance, go for citrus-flavored wine with fish served with lemon sauce. Rest assured, both citrus flavors will guarantee to work well together. Similarly, pair mild rich foods with mild-tasting wines and repeat the same for heavy and rich food items. Make sure to match the richness of the food with the richness of the wine.


Watch out for Acidity

Wines from hot climate regions are lower in acidic content. Whereas the acidity component is more in wines belonging to cold climates. So if you’re consuming food with high acidic content like curries or salads with a high concentration of vinegar, then stick to less acidic wines. Similarly, with less spicy food, go for acidic wines. Remember, that oily food and acidic wines are a major no-go option.


Serve Wine Sweet or Sweeter Than the Food Items

One of the universal rules of food and wine pairing is to serve a wine either sweet or sweeter than the main course. If you drink a bitter wine, with sweet food, you will feel bitterer. Therefore, always choose sweet wines with rich foods to enhance the taste of the meal.


Pair Wine the Sauce

Use congruent and complementary food pairing techniques while matching wine. For instance, pair citrus sauces with either sweet or citrus wines. Using sweet wines will complement the taste of the sauce and using citrus wines will enhance the citric element.


Spicy Wine for Spicy Food

Sweeter wines cancel the spices. So if the main course is rich in spices, then pair it with an acidic wine to sustain the taste. This also holds for sweet foods.  


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