What’s the Difference between Everclear and Moonshine?

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What’s the Difference between Everclear and Moonshine?

Differentiating between the many distilled spirits and finding one that suits you can be challenging. If you love distilled spirit, there might have been a point where you wished to learn the difference between the popular Everclear and Moonshine liquors. Continue reading to learn some of the major differences between both beverages!


Everclear has to be the most potent liquor worldwide, having no taste, color, or smell. It’s a neutral spirit produced from fermented grains. These high-proof spirits leave no room for any additives. Although Everclear can keep you from worrying about the extra caffeine or sugar, you must ensure not to consume it neat. Distill it with water if you don’t want to mix it up with something sugary! Consuming Everclear straight can cause unconsciousness and severe poisoning.

Due to its high alcohol concentration, Everclear is banned in several US states. To be more specific, Everclear is stronger than the strongest hard liquors. It’s mostly used to mix other spirits such as whiskey, brandy, and liqueurs. Usually, Everclear isn’t meant for adding flavor to your drinks. Instead, it enhances the ethanol content.


Also known as white lightning, mountain dew, and white whiskey, Moonshine is a high-proof distilled liquor produced from corn and sugar. People who consume this beverage describe it as a clear and unaged whiskey, renowned for its corn base and high alcohol content.

Although Moonshine is considered illegal due to its high alcohol concentration, many commercial distilleries market its legal versions to popularize this liquor. They claim that Moonshine provides a real drinking experience for all drink enthusiasts. Some common legal versions include Ole Smokey’s Original Moonshine, Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon, and Short Mountain Distillery’s Shine.    

Moonshine blends well with fruits, spices, and other tasty additives, given the blank slate nature of sweet corns.

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The Bottom Line

Both Moonshine and Everclear are unaged distilled spirits. However, the former is produced from corn, while the latter is developed from fermented grains. Everclear is potent alcohol with a neutral taste, whereas Moonshine is an illegally produced whiskey.

Everclear is a summery drink to be taken with water that offers no flavor contributions. On the other hand, Moonshine is a rough beverage that keeps the flavors added during the fermentation process.

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